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This documentary explores the lack of freedom of the press that often affects media and information professionals when they are faced with the reality of living in countries such as China, Portugal, Indonesia, Algeria, Colombia or Northern Ireland. There is also a special section of the film dedicated to the Basque Country that asks journalists their opinions as well as collecting the testimonies of some reporters that have suffered fear and violence as a result of this reality.

Technical details

  • Genre:History and society documentary film
  • Running time: 52'
  • Release date:2002
  • Original versions:Spanish
  • Available language versions:Spanish and english
  • Director:Kepa Aulestia
  • Producer:Antonio Cristóbal
  • Script:Kepa Aulestia
  • Testimonials:Roger Parkinson (President of the World Association of Newspapers), Francisco Pinto Balsemao (Ex-president of Portugal and Founder of the weekly newspaper Expresso), Alfonso de Salas (President of the Association of Spanish Newspaper Editors), Omar Belhouchet (Director of the Algerian newspaper EL Watan), Nurdin Hasan (Director of the newspaper Serambi Indonesia Daily), Francisco Santos Calderón (Director of El Tiempo de Colombia newspaper), Paddy Woodworth (The Irish Time newspaper), Gorka Landaburu (Cambio 16 weekly newspaper), Aurora Intxausti (El País newspaper), José Uranga (Ex-director of the Diario de Navarra newspaper).
  • Marketing: Abra

Official poster

Acoso a la prensa -Cartel