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Maria, who has a heart condition, is going to die. Xabi, a friend, comes to visit her from Barcelona to say his last goodbye. On his way there he discovers that Maria is still in love with him and so, to make her happy, he decides to lie to her and tell her that he feels the same way. But Maria doesn’t die in the end and, in order to avoid causing another attack on Maria’s weak heart, Xabi finds himself obligated to fake a relationship with her, behind his real girlfriend’s back. A girl who lives in Barcelona and has just found out she’s pregnant.

Technical details

  • Genre: Feature length fictional film
  • Running time: 98’
  • Release date: 2011
  • Directors: Patxo Telleria and Aitor Mazo
  • Cast: Gorka Otxoa, Sara Cozar, Bárbara Goenaga, Aitor Mazo, Itziar Atienza, Mikel Losada and Unax Ugalde
  • Script: Patxo Telleria
  • Producers: Abra Prod SL
  • Original version: Basque
  • Executive producers: Joxe Portela
  • Current film rights: Imagina International Sales
  • Marketing: National: Imagina International Sales | International: Imagina International Sales | DVD: Barton Films


60th Edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain)

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (Irland)

Festival de Cine Español de Nantes (France)

Traverse City film Festival (Michigan) USA (Award for Best Comedy 2013)

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El País
[...]With each detail, Telleria and Mazo have managed to insert explosive situations into a fairly complex script, shaping the characters and creating a believable result[...]
El Correo
[...]We saw a simple, light-hearted film which we can recommend [...]

[...]A worthwhile romantic comedy whose dramatic machinery works to perfection[...]

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