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2005 was the 30th anniversary of Gabriel Aresti’s death. He was one of the greatest reference point personalities for Basque literature, language and culture. Despite how much time has passed, and besides the fact that Basque society in all its aspects (including linguistic, literary and cultural) has undergone a great transformation, the legacy of his works and his life are underlying many aspects of Basque society in the 21st century. The documentary delves into the life, works and legacy left behind by Gabriel Aresti and takes you beyond a simple biographical view of this poet from Bilbao. This documentary shows us the different aspects of his complex personality and works in an effort to demonstrate the decisive importance he had in shaping Basque language and culture.

Technical details

  • Genre:Art documentarý film
  • Running time: 54'
  • Release date:2005
  • Original version:Basque
  • Available language versions:Basque
  • Director:Patxo Telleria
  • Producer:Kike Lopez
  • Script:Humberto Unzueta
  • Testimonials:Harkaitz Cano (Writer), Kirmen Uribe (Writer), Analupe Fernandez (Rhapsodist), Miren Agur Meabe (Poet), Fran Lasuen (Musician), Felipe Loza (Actor), Jose Luis Alvarez Enparantza aka: “Txillardegi” (Writer), Arantza Gurmendi (Actress), Sabina de la Cruz (Member of the literary circle “La Concordia”), Meli (Aresti’s widow), Nerea Aresti (Aresti’s daughter), Josu Torre (Journalist), Xabier Kintana (Euskaltzaina)(Authority on the Basque Language), Agustín Ibarrola (Painter and Sculptor), Vidal de Nicolas (Poet), Jon Kortazar (Writer), Karmelo Landa (Professor at the UPV), Angel Zelaieta (Aresti’s Biographer), Amatiño (Journalist), Ibon Sarasola (Euskaltzaina) (Authority on the Basque Language), Xabier Elorriaga (Actor).
  • Marketing:  Abra

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