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Just when everything was going so perfectly for Dixie back at school, her old zombie friends, Gonner and Isis, show up with bad news:  The wicked Nebulosa is leading the zombies in a rebellion against all mortals so that she can finally achieve her dream of conquering the world. As bearer of the magical Azoth, only Dixie can stop her, but in a final battle between zombies and mortals, which side will Dixie ultimately choose?

Ficha Técnica

  • Genre:Feature length animation film
  • Running time: 82'
  • release date:2014
  • Directors:Ricardo Ramón and Beñat Beitia
  • Script:Daniel Torres
  • Producers:Abra Prod, S.L.
  • Language versions available:Basque, catalan, spanish and english
  • Executive producer: Joxe Portela
  • Marketing: National: Barton Films | International: Amadeus Entertainment | DVD: Barton Films
  • International Festivals: Atera Films


Finalist for best animated film at the Goya Awards Film Academy 2015

Finalist for best animated film at Platino Awards 2015

62th Edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain)

Mar de Plata International Film Festival (Argentina)

SEMINCI in Valladolid (Spain)

La Habana International Film Festival (Cuba)

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival (Brasil)

Monstra. Lisbon Animated Film Festival (Portugal)

Stockholm Film Festival-Junior (Sweden)

FICG. Guadalajara Film Fest (Mexico)

CineFiesta Portugal - Portugal Animation Film Festival

Australia Spanish Film Festival

FICBAQ. Barranquilla International Film Festival (Colombia)

ICFFI. International Children’s Film Festival (India)

Recent Spanish Cinema Los Ángeles (USA)

Zinemaldia CAT. Festival de Cinema Basc de Catalunya (Spain)

Cartel oficial