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This documentary delves into the repercussions of the illegalization of the Batasuna political party on its party members, on the other political parties, on the victims of terrorism and on political and social life in general terms.

Technical details

  • Genre:Documentary film on current events
  • Running time: 52'
  • Release date:2003
  • Original version:Spanish
  • Available language versions:Spanish
  • Director:Kepa Aulestia
  • Producer:Antonio Cristóbal
  • Script:Kepa Aulestia
  • Testimonials:Patxi Zabaleta(Leader of the Aralar party), Niko Moreno (Mayor of Elorrio (Batasuna political party)), Iñaki Azkarate (Ex-prisoner of the E.T.A.), Mikel Arriaga (Professor of Sociology in Andoain), Carlos Totorika (Mayor of Ermua for the Socialist party), Amaia Etxarte (Leader of the SEGI political party), Regina Otaola (City councilor for the P.P. political party in Eibar), Haritza Galárraga (Leader of the SEGI political party), Mikel Basabe (Ex-party member of the H.B. political party), Filipe Goyetche (Leader of the Abertzaleen Batasuna political party), Emily Laplacette (Leader of the SEGI political party), Jesús Mari Oiarzabal (City councilor of the E.H. political party in Andoain), José Luis Letona (City councilor of the P.N.V. political party in Laudio).
  • Comercialización:  Abra

Official poster

El Ocaso de Batasuna Cartel