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This is a documentary on the personal and artistic trajectory of both Agustín and José Ibarrola where their points of view on art and their essential junctures are contrasted. Two artists, two generations, two ways of creating and thinking. Through interviews and conversations with the artists both this documentary recreates both artists’ worlds and takes you on a tour of their creative works.

Technical details

  • Genre:Art documentary film
  • Running time: 52'
  • Release date:2004
  • Original version:Spanish
  • Available language versions:Spanish
  • Director:Josu Venero
  • Producer:Josu Venero
  • Script:José A. Pérez Capetillo
  • Testimonials:Agustín Ibarrola, José Ibarrola, José Duarte.
  • Marketing:  Abra

Official poster

Ibarrola dos miradas cartel