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Plot summary

Pepe is a boring fifty-year-old taxi driver with heart problems whose life is about to take him for a spin. He suddenly finds out that he has a 20-year-old son conceived in a secret affair he had had with his wife's best friend. Jordi, Pepe’s illegitimate son, comes into his father’s life like a loose canon. He is intelligent, homosexual, love-struck, HIV-positive and passionate about life. He comes to his father, who is like a stranger to him, with a lot of questions about life that not even Pepe has the answer for. However, sacrifice, truth, and love can change all their prejudices.

Technical details

  • Genre: Feature length fictional film
  • Running time: 91’
  • Release date: 2006
  • Director: Antonio Cuadri
  • Cast: José Luís Gómez, Pilar Velázquez, Biel Durán, Klara Badiola, Ricard Sales, María Luisa Goirigolzarri, Arantza Renteria, Ana Lucía Billate, Ileana Wilson
  • Script: Claudio Crespo
  • Music: Juan Carlos Pérez
  • Available language versions:Spanish and basque
  • Producers: ABRA Prod, S. L., Fénix PC and Surinvest
  • Executive producers: Joxe Portela and Francisco Lázaro
  • Marketing: Abraprod (national and internacional) and Festival Films (DVD)


Miami International Film Festival (USA)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas on the Grand Canary Island International Film Festival) (Spain)

Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)

XXI Festival La Huella de España de La Habana (Cuba)

FilmOUT San Diego (USA)

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (USA)

Muestra Internacional de Cine Gay de Valladolid (Valladolid International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Film Festival) (Spain)

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El Correo

[...] The film is set in the dim twilight of Bilbao, which a rare view of this city. […] But it is a beautiful backdrop to the coming together of a cast of pathetic characters who are described in a simple and lineal way but, at the same time, totally believable. […]…up to the point that we can clearly see the unequivocal cinematographic values that La Buena Voz is using including undisputable current social nuances, a look at bitter realities and even clearly showing what the right thing to do is, in general terms. This is a tried and true filmmaker who is able to capture, with the nervous movements of his camera, the landscape and its inhabitants with an entertaining intimacy. A must-see film [...]

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