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October 1983. Basque refugees Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala go missing in
Bayonne. Twelve years later, a police officer from Alicante, reopens the
case of two unidentified bodies, murdered and buried in quicklime. The
inquiry begins and Iñigo, with his young assistant, Fede, investigate the
case. However, on the long and laborious path to prove their allegations,
they will have to confront the dirty tricks of a group that clings to power
at any cost, overcome their own disputes and even put their own lives at

Ficha Técnica

  • Genre: Feature length politics thriller film
  • Running time: 107’
  • Release date: 2014
  • Director: Pablo Malo
  • Cast: Unax Ugalde, Francesc Orella, Oriol Vila, Jon Anza, Cristian Merchan, Ricard Sales, Iñigo Gastesi, Itziar Ituño
  • Producers: Abra Prod y Parsimonia
  • Script: Joanes Urkixo
  • Music: Pascal Gaigne
  • Available versions: Euskera, spanish
  • Executive producer: Joxe Portela
  • Marketing; National: Imagina International Sales | International: Imagina International Sales | DVD: Barton Films
  • International Festivals: Atera Films


62th Edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain)

L'Atalante Film Festival (Bayonne, France)

Nantes Spanish Film Festival (France)

Australia Spanish Film Festival

Belfast Film Festival (Ireland)

Argentina FICIP Political International Film Festival

Uruguay Human Rights International Film Festival

Bolivia Human Rights International Film Festival

¡Viva! Spanish Film Festival in Manchester (Great Britain)

Berlin Euskal Zinemaldia (Germany)

Basque Cinema Exhibition in Cinemateca Uruguay (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Zinemaldia CAT. Festival de Cinema Basc de Catalunya (Spain)

Críticas en Prensa

Mikel G.Gurpegui (DIARIO VASCO)

“Pablo Malo successfully reconstructs this episode, presenting the characters involved and the ramifications when the ‘state sewers’ overflowed”

Mikel Insausti (GARA)

“The ensemble cast works well thanks to its faithful depiction of the protagonists of one of the darkest pages in our history”

Luis Martínez (EL MUNDO)

“The whole account demonstrates the importance of bringing the past into the debate on the present, but without doing harm - putting the wound on the table. What makes the film compulsory viewing is the simple fact that someone has at last dared. And it is a fair depiction”


“A necessary film, to ensure we never forget”

Carlos Pumares (LA RAZÓN)

“Another interesting Spanish film, Lasa and Zabala by Pablo Malo [...] Highly recommendable for understanding what happened”

Andrea G.Bermejo (CINEMANÍA)

“In Pablo Malo's hands, with careful setting, good cast direction and an intelligently scrambled edit…”

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