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Plot summary

This documentary reviews the first five years of The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which has become the showcase for the artistic avant-garde in Spain, as well as carrying out an analysis of all of the expositions, delving deeper into each one by asking the artists’ their direct opinions.

Technical details

  • Genre: Art documentary film
  • Running time: Two versions available of 52' y 76'
  • Release date: 2003
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Available language versions: Spanish
  • Director: Josu Venero
  • Producer: Josu Venero
  • Script: Enrique Portocarrero
  • Testimonials: Frank Gehry, Giorgio Armani, Thomas Krens, Richard Serra, Fabricio Plessi, Galazo and Fransec Clemente
  • Marketing:  Abra

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