Volver a Animated feature films

Plot summary

Zombies, witches, and other creatures of the night coexist in this endearing and exciting adventure about an adolescent girl who finally confronts her problems in life after living among the dead.

Technical details

  • Genre:Feature length animation film
  • Running time: 82"
  • Release date:2011
  • Directors: Ricardo Ramón and Joan Espinach
  • Producers: Abra Prod, S.L. and Digital Dreams
  • Script: Daniel Torres
  • Music: Manel Gil-Inglada
  • Available versions: Basque, Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Executive producers: Joxe Portela and Beñat Beitia
  • Marketing: National: Barton Films | International: Amadeus Entertainment
  • DVDBarton Films


Finalist for best animated film at the Goya Awards Film Academy 2012

Gijón International Festival (Prize "Enfants Terribles" for best animated film)

60th Edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (Zinemira section) (Spain)

Latin American Market Guadalajara (Mexico)

Buenos Aires BACIFI (Argentina)

Film Festival Independent

Espinho International Festival (Portugal)

Festival of Malaga (included in ANIMAZINE) (Spain)

International Film Festival Durban (South Africa)

International Animation Festival ANIM'EST (France)

Críticas en Prensa

[...]Well worth watching[...]

El Diario Vasco
[...]Every touch, every scratch, every flare sounds fantastic and almost every frame is just right[...]

La Vanguardia
[...]Made with great visual consistency… A good local work of cartoon film[...]


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