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Plot summary

The Río Tinto mines are located in the province of Huelva (Spain). After 5,000 years of mining the most important period was during the time of British control when the Riotinto Company Limited had an effect on the economic growth in the province, as well as on other areas. There was great social transformation due to the arrival of manpower from all over the country. The population in the area grew tenfold and the social inequalities imposed by the English company became rampant which caused social upheaval and union protests that echoed out across the country.

Technical details

  • Genre:History and society documentary film
  • Running time: 51'
  • Release date:2004
  • Original version:Spanish / English
  • Available language versions:Spanish / English
  • Director:Antonio Cuadri
  • Producer:Manuel Nieto / Josu Venero
  • Script:Juan Cobos Wilkins
  • Testimonials:José Rodríguez de la Borbolla (Ex-President of the local government of Andalusia and the Río Tinto Foundation), Juan Cobos Wilkins (Writer), Isabel Naylor (Member of the British colony in Huelva), Joaquín Marcos Devesa (Supervisor of the Dept. of Tourist Activities in the Riotinto Mining Park), Nieves Aguilar Rincón (Guide at the Riotinto Mining Park), Juan Manuel Pérez (Director of the Río Tinto Foundation archives), Rafael Cortés García (Historian), José María Segovia (Journalist), Jesús Chaparro Quieja (Ex-miner), José Luis Toro Hernández (Ex-miner), Eduardo Pérez Sánchez (Ex-miner), Lucía Rua Vargas (Director of the Municipal Department of Social Services), Mari Carmen Garrido Sánchez (Resident in Riotinto), Manuel Ruiz Mariel (Resident in Riotinto), Juan Pascual Prada aka: "El Boleón" (Resident in Riotinto).
  • Marketing:Expressive

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