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Plot summary

This documentary chronicles four schizophrenics’ day to day struggle as they try to lead normal lives. It is a rigorous task that destroys the myths surrounding one of the most widespread mental diseases today, bringing us closer to their reality and showing us one of the keys to overcoming ones own personal problems.

Technical details

  • Genre:Social issues documentary film
  • Running time: 52'
  • Release date:2005
  • Original version:Spanish
  • Available language versions:Spanish
  • Director:Alberto Gerrikabeitia
  • Producer:Josu Venero/li>
  • Realization:Kike Lopez/li>
  • Script:Marisol Gil / Eduardo Oregi
  • Testimonials:Rafaela Acedo aka: “Rafi” (schizophrenic), Pedro Ortiz (Rafi’s significant other), Alberto Pérez (schizophrenic), Félix Rozey (schizophrenic), Miguel González Purroy (schizophrenic), Carlos Purroy (Miguel’s brother), Jokin San Julián (Miguel’s friend), Miguel Moncada (Miguel’s friend), Clemente Martínez (President of AEMIS), Antonio Matamoros (Vice-president of AEMIS), Albert Ferrer (President of the Asociación de Usuarios de Salud Mental Cataluña) (Association of Mental Health Patients in Catalonia), Nel▪la Gonzalo (Promoter of Radio Nicosia), Martín Correa (Promoter of Radio Nicosia), Héctor Manuel Fernández (schizophrenic), Natividad Ramírez (Mother of a schizophrenic), María Jose Mangas (Theater Instructor).
  • Marketing:  Abra

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