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Plot summary

Universo Rabanne is a documentary that narrates the different stages and themes of Paco Rabanne’s personal and professional evolution as well as his association with social and artistic movements in the 60’s including futurism and OP-Art, his research into metal and plastic materials, his relationship with the great fashion designers such as Cristóbal Balenciaga and André Courreges, his collaboration in costume designing projects for films such as Barbarella and his understanding of fashion as an ideological commitment. The documentary is based on actual conversations with the fashion designer himself in Paris and at the same time offers a summary of his creative works and his polemic opinions on what is happening in the world and to humankind.

Technical details

  • Genre:Fashion industry documentary film
  • Running time: 52'
  • Release date:2004
  • Original version:Spanish
  • Available language versions:Spanish
  • Director:Josu Venero
  • Producer:Josu Venero
  • Script:José A. Pérez Capetillo
  • Marketing:  Abra

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